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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not in my name!

Greece mourns the death of three working people. People that woke up to go to work like all of us and ended up in their coffins, just because various thugs wanted to "protest" and considered that the lives of ordinary citizens were worth nothing.

These thugs who call themselves "anti-authoritarians" have a long story in Greece. A story of destruction and violence. They are the same people that destroy Greek universities exploiting the flawed University asylum rules, the same people that destroy properties built with sweat and blood, and now the murderers that destroy and kill in the name of anti-capitalism and anti-authoritarian spirit.

These thugs are for long now being "cuddled" by certain organizations and political parties such as KKE (which did not consider to place something appropriate in their international page calling the event just a "provocation" and does not recognise the Greek constitution) that kept and keep the country behind.  

I am for employment rights, but well, not in my name.

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